Puppy and Kitten Bowls Are Back

by Patrick Mahaney on March 12, 2015

2_4resize.lgThis article originally appeared on Dr. Mahaney’s Pet-Lebrity News column on Pet360.com as Puppy and Kitten Bowls Are Back 

It’s time again for football fans to settle into their couches for the big game (i.e. Super Bowl XLIX), but (fortunately) the available viewing options have evolved from solely brutality-based human sports to events involving adoptable and cuddly kittens and puppies.

2015 marks the 11th Puppy Bowl, which returns to Animal Planet on Sunday 2/1/15 3P PT/ET and features some amazing feats of canine athleticism (paired with segments of the participants heavily napping).

The Starting Lineup features 57 dogs up for adoption from rescue organizations like Barktown Rescue, Found a Hound Rescue, Pets Alive, and others.  Additionally, both male and female dogs are competing, this true battle of the sexes will definitely yield some intriguing interactions.  The roster lists the competitors ranging from twelve to 18 weeks, so we’ll likely see a variety of experience and maturity levels among the athletes.  Hopefully we’ll witness only family-friendly gamesmanship and there won’t be any procreating attempts, as the dogs’ spay or neuter status is unknown.

This year will feature the first ever Pregame Show where hosts James Hound, Jack Russell, Emily Staffordshire, Akita Washington, and Rott Weiler break down the event.  Make sure to watch out for the halftime show featuring feline entertainment superstar Kitty Furry (an homage to Katy Perry, the headlining halftime performer at Super Bowl XLIX).  Reportedly, Furry has quite the entertaining show planned and I’m sure we’ll “hear her roar!”

You can even be involved by voting for the Puppy Bowl XI MVP (most valuable player, for you non-sports fans).  Will it be Falcor, Cara, or Ruff?  I’m pulling for Cara, as she’s got her work cut out for her against the challenge of some of the larger, boy dogs.

Not to be outdone by the dogs, we’ve also got “cat-hletes” in the mix to elevate your interest level in all things animal.

2014 was the inaugural Kitten Bowl and the furry felines will return in 2015 for the Kitten Bowl II.  North Shore Animal League America spokesperson Beth Stern will return as host and be joined by radio voice of the New York Yankees, John Sterling, who will provide play-by-play updates. The feline athletes who are putting it all out there for your viewing pleasure will be up for adoption via the North Shore Animal League America and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation once their athletic showdown has concluded. TheKitten Cam features a live broadcast of some of the adoptable kittens (including some of the humans that may take one of the cats to their forever home).

34 cats are on the roster for the Kitten Bowl II as seen via Meet the Kittens and there are some intriguing names, including Nom Nom Nom SuhMr. Meowgi, and  William “The Litterbox” Purry. Reportedly, there are 90 cats up for adoption, so I guess a significant number will be hanging out on the sidelines to serve as backup in case of injury or illness.

You don’t even need to wait for Hallmark Channel’s official broadcast on Sunday (2/1/15, 12P Eastern/Pacific and 11A Central) to get to know the participants, as the 2015 Player Profiles will get you up close and personal with the competing cats.

Will you be watching?  My DVR is set for both events and I’ll also make sure to avail myself for Katy Perry’s halftime show.

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