Fisher Stevens Speaks Out in Grand Canyon Squirrel Kicker Case

by Patrick Mahaney on September 25, 2014

This article originally appeared on Dr. Mahaney’s Pet-Lebrity News column on as Fisher Stevens Speaks Out in Grand Canyon Squirrel Kicker Case   

Fisher Stevens Speaks Out in Grand Canyon Squirrel Kicker Case

With great frustration and shock, I viewed a YouTube video of a man appearing to kick an innocent squirrel from a Grand Canyon ledge into the rocky abyss below. If you’re not familiar with this horrific act, you can become so via this TMZ article: Fisher Stevens Grands Canyon Squirrel Killer Can’t Hide

Stevens is an actor who notably lent his voice and celebrity to the moving documentary The Cove which brought awareness of the mass killing of dolphins in Japan. Steven’s voiceover contribution were recognized when The Cove won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2010. As a veterinarian and animal-welfare advocate, I applaud his efforts.

Recently, Stevens was interviewed by TMZ in front of BOA Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA about his perspective on the squirrel-kicking video.

There’s some on-line speculation as to if the squirrel-kicking video is even real. If it is real, then these guys are truly sick individuals and need to be appropriately punished for their act of animal cruelty. If the video is a fake, then its creation is truly in poor taste and I hope that the creators are un-followed in all aspects of social media by those forced to witness their prank.

Police are reportedly investigating the case and searching for the two men seen in the video. The French-speaking, shirtless-men wore hats, sunglasses, and shorts during the act of animal abuse high above the Grand Canyon floor. The guys used bread crumbs to attract the squirrel to the the ledge from where it was viciously kicked to a likely death.

Weighing In

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is also stepping up to the plate in putting up a $15,000 bounty for information on the perpetrators. Yet, the bounty may be higher than the purported $15,000 quantity according to the TMZ ’s interview with Stevens (identified below as FS) which goes as such:

FS: “Who would do that?  It’s a little strange.” (in reference to the squirrel-kicking video)

TMZ: “Yeah, yeah. I feel the same way. What do you think about PETA? It’s like the first time they’ve put a bounty trying to find someone.”

FS: “What are they going to do with him?”

TMZ: “I have no idea. They’ve offered 16 grand for anyone that can ID him.”

FS: “Ask PETA what they are going to do with them. I mean, yeah. I have no comment. That’s crazy. He took a squirrel and he uh…..”

TMZ “He lured it in with breadcrumbs, then kicked it off the Grand Canyon. There’s video of him online and they’re looking for him.”

FS “Don’t mess with PETA man. I wouldn’t mess with them. Poor squirrel.”

Maureen Oltrogge, a spokesperson for Grand Canyon National Park, says ”If he is prosecuted and found guilty, he could spend up to six months in jail and be fined $5,000.”  PETA has requested that anyone having information about the squirrel-kicking men should contact Grand Canyon Chief Ranger Bill Wright at 928-638-7888.

Hopefully, the individuals involved in the filming of the video will be found and appropriately brought to justice.

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