Any Malibu Beach Party is Hellish Without the Presence of a Real Housedog of Beverly Hills

by Patrick Mahaney on January 6, 2012

Photo of Mauricio Ubansky Khloe Roxy Kyle Richards RHOBH CPNHere we are settling down on a Monday night for another episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (AKA RHOBH, or #RHOBH if you are on Twitter). This episode, Malibu Beach Party From Hell, brings an intense perspective on the downfall associated with excessive wine consumption and close proximity among rival housewives.

Malibu Beach Party From Hell also features some key canine players, otherwise known as the Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, no dogs were invited to the aforementioned Malibu beach party (which actually occurred at a house on Malibu Colony Road).

Roxy and Khloe make the first appearance as they stroll around Kyle Richard’s home as she critiques Mauricio’s fashion choices. I think that Roxy and Khloe approve of their owner daddy’s outfit.

Photo of Kenneth Todd Jiggy Lisa Vanderpump Sur RHOBH CPN

Giggy helps Lisa Vanderpump and Kenneth Todd oversee the construction at Sur Lounge. Ken carries Giggy into the (human) bathroom which unfortunately faces the dining area. Who wants to see Hollywood’s next big “it girl” (or Celebrity Rehab candidate) snorting a line off the toilet seat (or vomiting up the delicious food in attempt to stay thin).

Moving onto the Maloof-Nassif household, we witness Adrienne asking Paul to take Jackpot for a walk, yet he refuses as he claims that “ Jackpot, that dog doesn’t walk”. “He’s becoming more like, eh, Giggy, or something. He doesn’t want to walk”. What is that all about? We’ve seen Giggy walk at least a few times around Vanderpump-Todd house or on their tennis court.

Although we didn’t get to see Taylor Armstrong’s dog Snowball, we get a front and center view of Taylor’s drunken meltdown. She demands the limo driver stops so that he can light her cigarette. Perhaps her cigarette smoke was the cause of her daughter’s allergies and not Snowball (see The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills- Update on Giggy and Snowball)? Makes you wonder!

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