Disney’s Frankenweenie Premiere White Carpet Report

by Patrick Mahaney on September 26, 2012

Photo of Frankenweenie Premiere El Capitan Theater HollywoodIt was great fun attending the white carpeted premiere of Disney’s Frankenweenie.  Yes, that’s right, I said white carpet.  The traditional red carpet down which the stars of the show typically promenade before the big premiere was replaced by and whites, spooky, and alluring version.

Being that Frankenweenie is a animated movie directed by Tim Burton, I was looking forward to all sorts of strangeness at the premiere.  What I witnessed was an uncanny combination of the movie’s human stars and canine celebrities strut their stuff on the white carpet (fortunately, no one inappropriately urinated).

In attendance were some of Frankenweenie’s stars who lent their voices to the movie’s characters:

John August (Frankenweenie’s screenwriter)

Tim Burton

Winona Ryder

Photo of Winona Ryder Frankenweenie Premiere

Robert Capron

Tom Kenney (voice of multiple characters along with Spongebob Squarepants)

Photo of Tom Kenney

Martin Landau

Catherine O’Hara

Photo of Catherine O'Hara Frankenweenie Premiere

Martin Short


Other celebrities who strolled by included:

Kendra Wilkinson (Girls Next Door)Photo of Kendra Wilkinson Frankenweenie Premiere

Marissa Jarett Winokur (Hairspray)

Busco and Angel (Papi and Chloe in Beverly Hills Chihuahua)Photo of Rusco and Angel Beverly Hills Chihuahua

I’m attending a screening of the Frankenweenie this weekend and will soon have a full review for my Celebrity Pet News readers.  I can’t wait to see it and share my veterinary perspective on Frankenweenie’s portrayal with you.


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