The Return of Buki and Pikachu Nicely Mixes with the Vision of Giggy as Ringbearer

by Patrick Mahaney on October 17, 2011

Let the Games Begin is packed with slurred rants and accusations, the return of more Vanderpump-Todd dogs, and canine-centric matrimonial announcements.

Most of the human drama ensures during a game night at the home of Dana Wilkey, whose fondness of financially excessive accessories is detailed in “Do The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills Wear $25,000 Sunglasses?”.

Photo of Kenneth Todd Giggy Lisa Vanderpump Celebrity Pet News

Having family obligations to which she must attend, Lisa Vanderpump stays clear of game night to host a fabulous dinner and reacquaint us with her non-Giggy canine companions, Buki and Pikachu.

While prepping for the feast, Lisa swings open the kitchen door and nearly collides with her Cocker Spaniel, Buki. Aghast at Buki’s seeming senility, Lisa says “Oh Buki. Buki doesn’t have a clue what’s going on anymore”.

Photo of Ken Todd Lisa Vanderpump Buki CPN

Based on Lisa’s statement, Buki may suffer from Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD). Although CCD is a senior behavioral abnormality affecting many dogs, preventive measures can reduce the likelihood or delay the onset of this condition. Keep your dog’s teeth clean, minimize chronic inflammation and infection, feed a whole food diet rich in natural anti-oxidants, and provide frequent behavioral stimulation and activity.

Photo of Buki Vanderpump Todd Celebrity Pet News

Buki has a shaggy haircut that could hide a slimmer body, but he appears rather overweight (see Purina Body Condition Score chart). Being a heavy older dog also puts stress on the muscles, joints, nervous system, and internal organs, which negatively affects his quality of life (see Pet Obesity: Health Implications, Recognition, and Weight Management, my article on petMD).

Photo of Pikachu Celebrity Pet News

It’s great to see another of Lisa’s dogs, Pikachu, make a second season appearance (see The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills Part 2- Lisa Vanderpump, Giggy, Lollipop, Pikachu, and Buki). Pikachu, a very hirsute Pomeranian, struts under the Vanderpump-Todd table in search of fallen food. Like Buki, Pikachu is also quite hairy and looks to be somewhat overfed and under exercised. Pikachu ultimately perches comfortable perches on Ken Todd’s lap and listens intently to Ken’s congradulatory speech.

Photo of Ken Todd Pikachu Celebrity Pet New

The dinner party officially commemorates the engagement of Lisa’s daughter, Pandora, to Lisa’s future son-in-law, Jason. The highlight is Pandora’s request “can Giggy please walk down the aisle with the rings on a little pillow on his back”? Such a cute visual would be a lovely addition to any wedding. I hope the union between Pandora and Jason ultimately garners more viewership than any Kardashian spectacle.

Regaling in the return of Buki and Pikachu to the RHOBH scene and in anticipation of Giggy carrying wedding rings on his back, I conclude this recap of The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills.

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