The Opposite of Relaxation Brings Visual Stimulation Via Jackpot, Giggy, and Mauricio Umansky

by Patrick Mahaney on November 6, 2011

Photo of Mauricio Urbansky Portia Khloe RHOBH Celebrity Pet NewsI’d like to kick back and casually watch an episode of Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH). Instead, I repeatedly leap up from the couch to take pictures of my paused television screen featuring still images of the “Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills”. If only downtime could be simple and relaxing. Sigh.

The opening scene of The Opposite of Relaxation features Adrienne Maloof hosting Lisa Vanderpump for a casual evening of food preparation. Jackpot briefly oversees the process, but is quickly dismissed so Adrienne can repeatedly display her overt lack of kitchen common sense.

Photo of Adrienne Maloof Jackpot Lisa Vanderpump RHOBH Celebrity Pet News

We then see Lisa gracefully exiting her white Bentley in front of the luxurious, 65,00 square foot palace owned by her friend, Mohamed. As she exits her vehicle with Giggy under her arm, she says, with concern, “Not feeling good little man”.

Photo of Lisa Vanderpump Giggy RHOBH Celebrity Pet News

Once inside, Lisa says to Mohamed “Giggy’s not feeling so good”. Mohamed replies “give him some yogurt. I think it will cure all”. Lisa asserts back, “Mohamed, you are not a vet”. He then says “I’m not a vet in certification, but I know how to treat a dog. I had dogs once before”. Lisa asks “what happened to them? They died, right”, to which Mohamed laughs.

What about a pet’s death is amusing to Mohamed? In my clinical practice, I frequently deal with severe animal illnesses and provide end of life care, including euthanasia. Such situations, especially death, are highly emotional for the pet owner and are not to be taken lightly.

Lisa is right in questioning Mohamed’s expertise on canine health? Although, Mohamed’s time with his dogs taught him something as evidenced by his suggestion to give Giggy probiotic rich yogurt (presumably to help Giggy’s sensitive digestive tract).

Now for my veterinary perspective on the situation. If Giggy is vomiting, then don’t give anything orally until the nausea subsides. If he is not vomiting, but is having diarrhea, yogurt may help. Additionally, not just any yogurt should be given to dogs. I suggest providing low fat or fat free, plain yogurt and avoiding ingredients such as sugar, artificial sweetener, and other additives.

Photo of Brandy Glanville Jackpot RHOGH Celebrity Pet News

Moving onto spa day at the Maloof-Nassif household where Brandy Glanville arrives on crutches and causes Jackpot to hastily circumvent her three limbed approach. Perhaps Jackpot’s navigational abilities will fare well for him in future service dog work, as he must remain unfazed by crutches, walkers, and other supportive devices used by disabled and geriatric people.

Photo of Lisa Vanderpump Kyle Richards Jackpot RHOBH Celebrity Pet News

Lisa must have been really missing Giggy, as I was surprised to see her cavorting with Jackpot during spay day. Is Lisa betraying Giggy for Jackpot? Maybe Giggy isn’t yet recovered from his illness and needs some non-spa day drama time at home (or at a veterinary facility) to regain his health?

The final canine filled scene provides viewers with the opposite of relaxation through repeat views of a bathing suit sporting Mauricio Umansky (Kyle Richards’ husband). His cute pooch, Khloe, carefully navigates the water’s edge while Mauricio splashes in the pool with his kids. It seems as though swimming in the pool with the humans just isn’t within Khloe’s scope of interest, which may be the best for her from a safety perspective.

Photo of Mauricio Urbansky Portia Khloe RHOBH Celebrity Pet News

I’m now feeling a combination of relaxation and stimulation by the events covered in this review of “The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills”. Time to delve deeper into news of Giggy’s illness via his updates on Twitter (@GiggyThePom).

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