Giggy Shops for New Sur Space, Jackpot Cavorts on Chewy Vuitton, and Kyle Richards Promotes Proper Poop Disposal

by Patrick Mahaney on September 27, 2011

Photo of Jackpot Maloof RHOBH Celebrity Pet NewsAfter witnessing the privileged drama of this season’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I can only hope that we viewers will be treated to a thorough palate cleansing with the cute and fluffy housedogs of Beverly Hills.

In case you missed the action, I have summarized the tales of the show’s real stars, the dogs, in The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills Season Two Premiere Brings on the Dog Drama
and Giggy, Jackpot, and Visco Remain in Beverly Hills While the Housewives Hit the Slopes.

Episode three, Rocky Mountain Highs and Lows, picks up with the Beverly Hills housewives still holed up in Camille Grammer’s ski chalet in Beaver Creek, CO. A white wine (or is it “whine”) augmented Taylor Armstrong entertainingly verges on the edge of a nervous breakdown by settling down in her suitcase with nary a canine in site. As we are in Camille’s house, I wonder where her dog is? We barely caught a glimpse Camille’s “Mystery Dog” at the end of season one’s finale (see The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills Part 6- Camille Grammer and Mystery Dog)?

Photo of Ken Lisa Giggy Shop for Sur CPN

Finally, we make it back to Los Angeles to catch up with Giggy Vanderpump and his devoted parents, Lisa and Ken. The triumvirate are seen strutting into their West Hollywood restaurant, Sur (site of my birthday dinner in 2008). Lisa is radiant in purple while Giggy looks equally smashing in cranberry.

Photo of Lisa Vanderpump Giggy Pink iPad CPN

Staying true to her nickname (Pinkie) Lisa carries around an iPad in a pink case, from which Giggy can be seen using when he tweets (@GiggyThePom).

Photo of @GiggyThePom Tweets with @CelebrityPetNws

Lisa and Ken tour the adjacent vacant storefront pontificate its potential for Sur’s expansion. Lisa asks Giggy what he thinks of their plans and he enthusiastically gives a chirpy, double bark of approval.

Photo of Jackpot and Adrienne Maloof Chewy Vuitton Bed

The Maloof-Nassif household is our next stop, where Jackpot luxuriates on a brown and gold patterned bed. Has Adrienne sprung for the real thing for Jackpot, or is his bed faux Louis Vuitton (perhaps Chewy Vuitton)? Regardless of the brand, Jackpot looks incredibly content and comfortably supported while Adrienne offers loving strokes of affection.

I was hoping this episode would include a reunion between Taylor Armstrong and Snowball, but we instead see Taylor interacting with dog belonging to her life coach, Melanie. Taylor enters Melanie’s house and says “come on in Pups”, which prompts a chunky fawn colored Pekingese to scamper back inside.

Photo of Taylor Armstrong Life Coach Melanie Pups

It looks as though the positive effects of life coaching have not trickled down to Pups, who may suffer many adverse health effects from carrying too much weight (arthritis, hypothyroidism, constipation, etc). Did you now obesity is the number one nutritional problem affecting companion animals in the US? One would think a Beverly Hills housedog would be slim a trim, but we have just witnessed the opposite.

Photo of Kyle Richards Scoops Poop CPN

Finally, we are treated to the always appealing Kyle Richards, who tells of the fecal management system employed to remove the waste belonging to her canine contingent. Kyle says “I have three dogs. Now (this) comes as a big shock, but they poop in the backyard. A lot of times, it ends up being me who picks up the dog poop”. Kyle notes that daughter Portia likes to pick the dog poop and frequently supervises her mother’s pooper scooper prowess.

Photo of Kyle Richards Portia Poop CPN

I commend Portia and Kyle for teaching RHOBH viewers about proper pet waste disposal. The City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Stormwater Program promotes a clean environment for people and pets by giving away free dog waste dispensers.

Perhaps Kyle should have a pet waste bag dispenser attached to each dogs’ leash for use while strolling around the block? Being a responsible dog owner and being prepared with a waste bag will help to prevent you from being associated with the nuisances I call “fecal offenders”.

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Twitter: OCRKQrGmGdg
March 23, 2014 at 2:00 am

The most evil part of this episode:-Kim: What do you think of my ncaclkees, guys? Too much?-Other Lady: Nooooo, they look greeeeat.Other Lady, you are not a friend.


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