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Giggy Scrutinizes the Wedding Planner While Housewives Promote the Fur Trade

Posted By Patrick Mahaney On October 27, 2011 @ 12:07 am In Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills | 3 Comments

Game Night Gone Wild is filled with repeat viewings of select “Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills”, including Pikachu, Giggy, Roxy, and Khloe, but none are prominently featured in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) storyline.

Photo of Shirtless Guy Jack Russell Terrier RHOBH CPN [1]

Along with the regulars, we are treated to a host of unidentified dogs during this episode’s segue sequences. Fortunately, the majority of these mystery pooches are accompanied by shirtless men engaging in outdoor activity. The visual pleasantries are a welcome change of pace from the less than physically fit husbands of the RHOBH, but for Mauricio Umansky.

Photo of Mauricio Umansky Roxy Khloe RHOBH Celebrity Pet News [2]

Speaking of Mauricio, he eagerly greets Roxy and Khloe upon arriving at the desert home he shares with his wife, Kyle Richards. It is refreshing to see the pleasant interactions with his canine house companions in contrast to the chaotic scenes at the Maloof-Nassif household involving their dogs, Jackpot and Visco as photographically detailed in Do The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills Wear $25,000 Sunglasses? [3]).

Pikachu makes only a brief appearance while seeking attention from Adrienne Maloof during her visit to Lisa Vanderpump’s house to catch up on game’s night drama, which both Adrienne and Lisa missed.

Photo of Pikachu Adrienne Maloof Leg RHOBH CPN [4]

We then cut to Lisa Vanderpump, Giggy, and Lisa’s daughter, Pandora, grandly descending a circular staircase to greet Pandora’s wedding planner. Giggy appears transfixed on the wedding planner in every scene. Was it his wig, makeup, procedural cosmetic enhancement, or asset that has caught Giggy’s discerning canine eye?

Photo of Wedding Planner Giggy Lisa Vanderpump RHOBH CPN [5]

Let’s fast forward to my version of a palate with the vision of Giggy carrying the rings down the aisle at Pandora’s wedding (see The Return of Buki and Pikachu Nicely Mixes with the Vision of Giggy as Ringbearer [6]).

While at the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies (ABCs) [7] charity luncheon, hosted by Camille Grammer, Dana Wilke peruses the silent auction tries on a white, jeweled fur coat and states “it’s so 1950’s princess. I love it. How much is it?” Evidently, for a “donation” of $2900, it could be yours. Well, not really, as you weren’t there and likely can’t afford it anyway.

Photo of Dana Wilkey Taylor Armstrong White Fur Coat RHOBH CPN [8]

Taylor Armstrong is the voice of humanity (and practicality), as she pipes in with “I have the exact same thing, but mine is faux”. Dana, not to be outdone or to decline any chance to show off her wealth, then states “mine’s real. I’m really sorry”. Dana tries to cover her verbal tracks by apologizing to the pelt in saying “sorry little guy”. Unfortunately, all Dana’s apologies won’t bring back the poor creatures that suffer and are put to death for the sake of luxury goods.

With our familiar real housedog sightings, introduction of the mystery dogs of Beverly Hills, Giggy sizing up the wedding planner, and the unfortunate fate of fur-providing creatures, I conclude this RHOBH wrap up.

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3 Comments To "Giggy Scrutinizes the Wedding Planner While Housewives Promote the Fur Trade"

#1 Comment By Amy@GoPetFriendly On October 31, 2011 @ 7:27 pm

Apologizing to a fur is more disgusting than simply wearing it. Unfortunate.

#2 Comment By Patrick Mahaney On November 6, 2011 @ 10:09 pm

Thank you for your comments!
I agree regarding Dana’s saccharine apology to the creatures sacrificed for the sake of making the fur coat Dana really showed her grace and class in this situation (as though we already didn’t know).

#3 Comment By Vershima On February 18, 2016 @ 6:48 pm

she didn’t want to stay married to me. In many ways it has been a bislseng to me because it has allowed me to get to know God in a more intimate way. I am still believing that God will put in front of her, things that will help her know and see His Truth in marriage which will allow her to see me in a different way. It really doesn’t make sense in her decision but her family issues may be the issue since all of her siblings and parents have had several divorces each and many are currently living with others outside of marriage. Her sister is giving her marital advice who has divorce 3x & living w/ a guy. Without me sharing more, I am blessed in many ways, so thank you. Love Dare has task and projects that I cannot do with her since it’s a form of manipulation to get her to reconcile, so I am Trusting God to work in her life as I am trying to give her time and space. No she refuses to go to counseling at this stage. I will check out CCEF (PS: I really am blessed to know that I found your app. It has already allowed God to speak to my heart through what I have read. Thank you!)

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