Giggy, Jackpot, and Visco Remain in Beverly Hills While the Housewives Hit the Slopes

by Patrick Mahaney on September 20, 2011

Photo of Lisa Vanderpump Giggy Blue Packing for Colorado CPNWith all the doggy drama viewers were treated to in the RHOBH season two premiere, I eagerly anticipated the opportunity to “watch what happens next” (tribute to Bravo’s Andy Cohen). The second episode, Blame It on the Altitude, featured less airtime for the RHDOBH, but we caught glimpses of fan favorites, Giggy Vanderpump (@GiggyThePom) and Jackpot Maloof.

As Lisa prepares for a ski trip to Beaver Creek, CO, Giggy parades around her suitcase sporting a full body, light blue jumpsuit. Lisa says to Giggy “mommy’s going away for a couple of days”, expresses regret about not taking Giggy with her, calls him a “little sexy boy”, and repeatedly kissing him on the nose/mouth.

Photo of Lisa Vanderpump Kisses Giggy CPN

Although I advocate pet owners forging a close relationship with their companion animal, I don’t suggest engaging in mouth to mouth contact. Although the “Old Housewives (of Beverly Hills)” tale may claim that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than most humans’, the opposite is quite true. Not only do dogs not brush, floss, or rinse without the reasonable efforts of their owner, but they lick their genitals, feet, and sometimes even the feces, urine, vomit, or other bodily fluids produced by their fellow animals.

As Lisa finishes her packing, Giggy barks his approval her white faux fur that and lined jacket. Not only will Lisa will appear smashing on the slopes, but she will do so without harming any pelted animals in the process (but for perhaps hurting Giggy’s feelings by not bringing him to Colorado).

Photo of Bisco Maloof Nassif Profile German Shepherd Dog CPN

Adrienne Maloof is also seen prepping for the trip accompanied by her canine companions, Jackpot and Visco. The audience is properly introduced to Visco, the German Shepherd Dog with a handsome profile and sparkling white teeth (what’s his secret?). Visco’s displays his calm demeanor and high tolerance for Jackpot’s puppy-like, determined pursuit of his tail.

Photo of Jackpot Bites Bisco Tail CPN

While Adrienne and her husband, Paul Nassif, bicker over where Visco should spend his time (either downstairs with Paul or upstairs with Adrienne), we witness a helpful pet safety device perched at the top of their stairs. As responsible dog parents, the Maloof-Nassifs use a gate to prevent Visco and Jackpot’s access to the stairs on an as needed basis. The option to keep a juvenile, mobility compromised, or behaviorally challenged pet away from stairs can reduce the likelihood traumatic injuries may occur.

Photo of Bisco Maloof Nassif Stair Gate

With episode two reaching its dramatic climax in the midsts of Taylor Armstrong’s hot tub confessional with Kyle Richards, I wonder how Snowball is handling his new home. Snowball, we miss you!

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