Do The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills Wear $25,000 Sunglasses?

by Patrick Mahaney on October 13, 2011

Get ready for $25,000 Sunglasses?!, another episode of Bravo TV’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (RHOBH) that glorifies frivolous monetary excesses. Viewers are in for a real treat when RHOBH wanna-be, Dana Wilkey, flaunts her overpriced eyewear. I’d prefer to see the housewives party for a good cause by fundraising for animal welfare charities.

Fortunately, there is plenty of The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills action leading up to Dana’s notorious scene. Let’s start with the perpetually bickering Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif and their canine companions, Jackpot and Visco.

Photo of Paul Nassif Adrienne Maloof Jackpot Celebrity Pet News

Upon greeting Adrienne at her desk with Jackpot perched on her lap, Paul says “your little buddy Jackpot left me another present again. Oh, there you are Jackpot. There you are you little destructive dog you”.

Adrienne acknowledges her canine sidekick’s misdeeds in saying “Jackpot seems to love going in my husband’s closet and doing his little number. I think it’s kind of funny”.

Photo of Adrienne Maloof Jackpot Celebrity Pet News

What kind of present did Jackpot leave for Paul? Was it a turd wrapped in a light blue Tiffany box? The exact nature of Jackpot’s present was never revealed, but I suspect he exhibited inappropriate urination and defecation in Paul’s closet. Pooping and peeing in the house are not habits that pet owners should consider “funny”.

Adrienne’s quote establishes some history to Jackpot’s bathroom behavior. As Jackpot is still an immature dog, accidents invariably happen. This problem would less likely occur if Jackpot was confined to a crate or restricted from access to other parts of the home unless he was observed by a responsible adult. Additionally, Paul and Adrienne need to make a consistent effort to ensure Jackpot voids in a desired location, then give positive reinforcement (praise, food treat, clicker, other).

Paul and Adrienne then clash about whether their German Shepherd Dog, Visco, should be invited inside. Visco makes a grandly dashes into Adrienne’s office to give Jackpot loving smooch, which provides a nice cleanses the palate of the Maloof-Nassif squabbling.

Photo of Adrienne Maloof Jackpot Visco Celebrity Pet News

Chaos ensues again when Jackpot mouths Paul’s hand, prompting Paul to exclaim “he (Jackpot, as goes for the subsequent use of “you”) goes to the bathroom in my room. You get on a chair like you own this place. Then you just bit my hand. What is wrong with this dog”?

Adrienne fires back “because you yell at him”, which returns me to the topic of appropriate training methods and speculation as to their use in the Maloof-Nassif household. Is a scolding voice taking the place of positive reinforcement? Perhaps Victoria Stilwell (Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog) should be called in on a subsequent episode?

Photo of Giggy Vanderpump Villa Blanca Celebrity Pet News

Fortunately, we transition to a calmer scene with Giggy accompanying his masters, Lisa Vanderpump and Kenneth Todd, to their Beverly Hills restaurant, Villa Blanca.

The potty training topic continues when Lisa asks Ken (in reference to Giggy), “did he do a wee wee”? Ken says “yeah”, prompting Lisa to pick up Giggy, snuggle him close, and exclaim “you little sex monster”. I presume Lisa pleasantly toned statement and affection mean that Giggy urinated in an appropriate location (training pad, outside, other) and not on one of Villa Blanca’s luxurious seat cushions.

Kyle Richards and her husband, Maurico Umansky, arrive in grand style and Kyle congenially says “hey Giggy”. As we saw Kyle and her dogs in previous episodes (see Giggy Gives Fashion Repeats, Roxy Displays Good Behavior, and Khloe Shows Bares Her Belly), it is nice to see her acknowledge Lisa’s omnipresent canine child. How anyone could ignore Giggy’s presence is beyond me.

We see more Vanderpump pleasantries in Lisa’s dressing room where her (human) son helps her to navigate the process of applying hair extensions. Giggy shows his lack of interest in the hirsute scene by sleeping on Lisa’s luxurious pink couch.

Photo of Lisa Vanderpump Son Hair Extension Giggy Celebrity Pet News

Lisa subjects herself to the tortures of hair enhancement in preparation for the opportunity to lend her British perspective to CNN’s Headline News coverage of the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.

Adrienne interjects her apparent disapproval of Lisa’s qualifications in saying “Lisa commenting on the Royal Wedding is a little questionable, because at my formal dinner she brings Giggy, who I love, but he’s drinking out of beautiful champagne glasses and I don’t know if that’s proper etiquette at that point”. Unfortunately, in her disapproving statement about Lisa’s commentating role, Adrienne shows her own lack of grammatical mastery in saying commenting.

Lisa then makes her HLN appearance with Giggy, who looks sharp while sporting a deep purple jewel embroidered frock. While on assignment, Giggy gets to meet Lifechangers’ Dr Drew Pinsky. Perhaps there was an ulterior motive and Dr Drew is scouting potential participants in his next big reality show, Celebrity Pet Rehab (or Celebrity Rehab: Pet Edition).

Photo of Lisa Vanderpump Giggy Dr Drew Pinsky Celebrity Pet News

Lisa requests that Dr Drew follows her and Giggy on Twitter and states “he’s (Giggy) very good at television, but he doesn’t do radio”. I bet Giggy could give a few opinionated barks when rightfully prompted.

Always concerned about the welfare of her canine companion, Lisa asks “do you have an earpiece for Giggy so he knows what’s going on”? Lacking an earpiece, Giggy tires of Lisa’s conversation with Brooke Anderson and snoozes on his mistress’ lap. Nice commentating job Lisa (and Giggy). I’d love to see you regularly hosting a news show discussing the lifestyles and health issues of celebrity dogs as a spin off of Celebrity Pet News.

Photo of Giggy Sleep Lisa Vanderpump lap on Headline News Celebrity Pet News

The final scene in $25,000 Sunglasses?! involving a Real Housedog of Beverly Hills brings us back to barbecue at the Maloof-Nassif household. We finally get to the punchline about the exorbitantly prices shades. Unfortunately, the pricey accessory isn’t humorously worn by one the canine stars.

Instead, we are treated to Jackpot curiously evaluating the grassy flood being created by the Brandi Glanville’s son as he presses on the side of the kiddie pool. Don’t drink any of that water Jackpot! Who knows if one of the child partygoers peed in the pool or if there are any toxins (fertilizers, chlorine, other) that you may ingest while taking a sip of the runoff.

Photo of Jackpot Grass Water Celebrity Pet News

With so much canine material to cover in $25,000 Sunglasses?!, I can’t wait to “watch what happens next” on what the previews reveal as a controversial episode heavy on Richards’ sisters drama.

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Langley Cornwell October 13, 2011 at 12:38 pm

What a mess, it’s like watching a train wreck.


Patrick Mahaney October 13, 2011 at 3:14 pm

Thank you for your comments.
I find watching a train wreck to be rather captivating, yet also disturbing.
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