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Adrienne’s Fashion Show Pumps Out Tasty Targets for Beverly Hills Housedogs

Posted By Patrick Mahaney On December 24, 2011 @ 1:48 pm In News,Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills | No Comments

Couples therapy with an osteopath, plans for porn star guided “BJ” instruction, and a backyard shoe spectacles headline the events for Adrienne’s Fashion Show.

Viewers are treated to grand appearances by Real Housedogs including Giggy Vanderpump, Jackpot Maloof, and a cameo by an unnamed, non-Giggy Pomeranian.

Photo of Pandora Lisa Vanderpump Kevin Lee Kenneth Todd Giggy Beverly Catering RHOBH CPN [1]Giggy is first canine seen while a cadre of caterers occupies Lisa Vanderpump’s kitchen in an apparent audition for the impending nuptials of Lisa’s daughter, Pandora. Giggy sports a familiar light blue onsie (repetition? See Giggy Gives Fashion Repeats, Roxy Displays Good Behavior, and Khloe Shows Bares Her Belly [2] ) while Beverly Catering [3] demonstrates the spectacle of speciality cocktail preparation.

Lucky dog Giggy gets to taste test a lamb chop. As an advocate of pets eating real food, I am all for Giggy nibbling Lisa’s lamb. Yet, dietary changes can interrupt a dog’s normal digestive function and lead to vomit or diarrhea. This is less likely to occur when our canine companions already eat a whole food based diet.

My recommendation is a nutritionally complete and balanced, human grade formulation, such as Lucky Dog Cuisine [4].Photo of Giggy Lisa Vanderpump lambchop RHOBH CPN [5]

The glitz and glamor that are the crux of this episode finally manifest when Lisa, Kenneth Todd, Mohamed (Lisa’s friend), and Giggy stroll across their street to neighbor Adrienne Maloof’s fashion show. Everyone looks quite smashing, but Giggy especially turns it out in a black (velvet?) body suit. Tres chic!

Photo of Mohamed Lisa Vanderpump Kenneth Todd Giggy RHOBH CPN [6]

Post-show, Jackpot oversees the process of Kyle Richards evaluating Adrienne’s shoe line. Which pair of platform pumps will soon be the target of Jackpot’s curious chops?

Photo of Adrienne Maloof Jackpot Kyle Richards shoes CPN RHOBH [7]

We also get a brief glimpse of the mystery Pomeranian on Beverly Hills curb patrol. Perhaps we’ll get to know him or her in Season Three of RHOBH?

Photo of White Pomeranian RHOBH CPN [8]

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