The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills Part 2- Lisa Vanderpump, Giggy, Lollipop, Pikachu, and Buki

by Patrick Mahaney on January 21, 2011

I hope you have read The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills Part 1- Taylor Armstrong and Snowball and are ready for more.

Lisa Vanderpump with Giggy Lollipop Pikachu, and Buki

Photo of Lisa Vanderpump CPN
Lisa Vanderpump is my personal favorite housewife. She is charming, amiable, does not intentionally stir the drama pot, and lovingly dotes on four canine companions. Giggy (AKA Gigolo), Lollipop, Pikachu, and Buki are all featured playfully romping around the palatial Vanderpump estate.

Giggy, the Pomeranian, is most prominently featured, and receives airtime comparable to that of Lisa’s husband, Kenneth Todd. Giggy frequently accompanies Lisa and Ken on their many adventures, all while sporting the latest doggy fashions. According to “Mistress” (Giggy’s “pet” name for Lisa), Giggy suffers from alopecia (hair loss), therefore his omnipresent clothing is meant to protect his balding body.

Photo of Giggy Purple Shirt CPN

As a veterinarian, I am fascinated by endocrine (glandular) diseases, especially when a pet’s dermatologic health is compromised by such a condition. Has Giggy undergone any diagnostic tests to uncover a potential underlying cause for his alopecia? Does Giggy see a veterinary dermatologist (I recommend the Animal Dermatology Group in Marina Del Rey, CA). Additionally, is Giggy getting any medications, supplements, Chinese herbs, or other treatments to promote the health of his skin and coat? Lisa is seen fastidiously grooming Giggy during an “intermission” on the show and closely monitors his ongoing quality of life, so I hope that Giggy’s alopecia has been addressed with the appropriate veterinary specialist.

Photo of Lisa and Giggy Vanderpump Show Their Love

I only wish that the Lisa and Ken would set an even better example of pet parenthood when it comes to automobile transport (unlike some celebrities…see Beverly Hills 90210 AnnaLynne McCord, Please Use a Carrier to Transport Your Cat). While being chauffeured around Los Angeles in Lisa’s Bentley, Jiggy’s safety would be better served if he was contained in rigid pet carrier fixed in the car’s backseat instead of being held of the lap of the front seat passenger. Accidents happen, airbags inflate, and improperly restrained dogs are more likely to suffer life threatening trauma than those that are properly restrained for automobile travel.

What’s next for Giggy and Lisa now that this season of RHOBH has come to an end? Follow Giggy’s further adventures via his @GiggyThePom Twitter feed. I am fortunate to have had Twitter correspondence with my favorite Pomeranian.

Photo of GIggyThePom Sex Monster Twitter

Oh, Mistress also tweets via @LisaVanderpump.

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