The Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills Part 1- Taylor Armstrong and Snowball

by Patrick Mahaney on January 16, 2011

As we are constantly bombarded with media images and stories of celebrities, it is inevitable that celebrity pets also gain some degree of notoriety.

Recently, there have been a flurry of fluffy canines storming onto our television screens compliments of Bravo TV’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. The grand homes of most of these privileged women contain both human and canine companions. One particular pooch is so celebrated that he has his own website and heavily followed Twitter feed (can you guess which “Real Housedog”? Hint…it is not Snowball).

The following is the first in a series of articles covering public knowledge of the “Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills”. If you have any insider information, feel free to email me ( so subsequent features will be as true as possible to reality!

Photo of Snowball Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong and Snowball
When we are introduced to Taylor Armstrong and her family, they household is free of pets (I like to consider it a “pet deficient” household). According to Taylor, she and her husband, Russell, were not planning on adding another new addition to the Armstrong family any time soon.

During a lavish, “Alice in Wonderland” themed birthday party (punctuated by Taylor standing tabletop while posing for pictures) for her daughter, Kennedy, Taylor planned for the most exceptional of Kennedy’s gifts to be mother-daughter themed diamond necklaces. Unfortunately for Taylor, Russell steals the gift giving thunder when he presents Kennedy a fluffy, white puppy they name Snowball.

Snowball appears to be a Maltese (or other similarly appearing breed or mixed breed) and is begrudgingly accepted into the household under Taylor’s care (cue Taylor’s eye rolls, lip pops, and exasperated looks).

Photo of Taylor Armstrong Gives Her Best Exasperated Look

Interestingly, shortly after Snowball’s introduction into the Armstrong household, Kennedy develops skin allergies. Typically, Maltese and other hypoallergenic breeds are less likely to cause allergies in humans. Despite her family doctor’s diagnosis that Kennedy is allergic to Snowball (no skin or blood testing was performed on camera), Kennedy’s redness and itching could also be attributed to Snowball’s coat collecting environmental allergens or external parasites, such as fleas.

Tearfully, Taylor tells us they may have to give Snowball up as an alternative to Kennedy enduring a series of allergy shots. Frequent and consistent grooming patterns, along with prevention of parasite infestation, can help reduce accumulation of potential allergy inducers.

I am pleased that the Armstrong family has kept their beloved puppy, as Snowball is seen in a subsequent episode being placed on a potty pad and hanging out with Russell and Kennedy while Taylor heads off to New York City.

Photo of Russell Taylor Kennedy and Snowball Armstrong

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Sophie January 19, 2013 at 1:49 pm

So is Snowball a maltese then? Because we wanted a dog like snowball, so yeah just checking.


Patrick Mahaney March 12, 2013 at 9:11 am

Thank you for your comments.
Currently, it’s unclear is Snowball’s breed is a Maltese. She could be a hybrid of any breeds!
Dr. PM


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