Beverly Hills 90210 AnnaLynne McCord, Please Use a Carrier to Transport Your Cat

by Patrick Mahaney on February 19, 2009

AnnaLynne McCord, photo by Glenn Francis

AnnaLynne McCord, © Glenn Francis,

I love the fact that Beverly Hills 90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord is taking her cat, Mouse, to work with her. Unfortunately, she has chosen an unsafe manner to transport Mouse. People Pets website recently ran this picture. A pet carrier should have been used to protect Mouse from potential harm.

In my clinical practice, I encounter situations where a cat owner elects to transport the cat from their home without first putting the cat in a carrier. Most often, the owner elects to carry the cat in their arms from the car to their destination. Many times, I have witnessed the cat’s attempted escape when they are faced with a variety of stressors, including loud sounds and curious dogs. Additionally, having a cat walk around your car while you drive is a potential hazard to both the driver and those with whom the road is shared.

If a cat owner brings their cat into my practice, it is suggested that they purchase a water-resistant cardboard carrier for a nominal fee. I prefer rigid, plastic carriers, such as those manufactured by PetMate provide protection from crushing injury and easy clean up in case the pet urinates or defecates.

Picture of Cat in Carrier, photo by Kymberly

photo by Kymberly — Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Alternatively, soft carriers, such as those produced by Sherpa provide a sturdier, easily collapsable option.

Transporting your cat in a carrier creates a less stressful and more protective situation for both you and your cat. In the future, I hope that Ms. McCord will choose to transport Mouse in a carrier.

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